Southern Classic Feis

June 12, 2004

Augusta, Georgia


Christopher and Courtney competed at the Southern Classic Feis in Augusta Georgia.  This was Christopher's first time competing at Preliminary Champion.  For those that are not familiar with the competitive levels in Irish Step Dancing, the levels are as follows:


Beginner --- Advanced Beginner --- Novice --- Prizewinner --- Preliminary Champion --- Open Champion


Courtney is competing at Prizewinner and Christopher is at Preliminary Champion.  The winning began the night before the Feis during the instrumental competition.  Courtney won in her group playing a traditional Irish Slip Jig called the Butterfly (Click to here her play) .


 She won a very nice silver engraved tray.


During the Feis, Courtney competed in 6 different dances:

Courtney received a 6th in her Slip Jig, a Third in her Treble Jig, a 4th in her Traditional Set and a 2nd in her Treble Reel. The Traditional Set and Treble Reel were very large competitions (30-40 girls and boys).  Some of the pictures below show her on a podium when she received the award.


Pictures Courtesy of Courtney


Christopher only performs two dances in Preliminary Champion but they are longer and are also the same dances he will do at Nationals in Philadelphia on July 5th.  He performed the Reel and the Treble Jig (see the videos below).  Preliminary Champion and Open Champion Awards along with the Traditional Set Dances and Treble Reel Awards are all presented at the end of the Feis, late into the evening.  This is very different in the lower competitions where the awards are posted and the kids pick up metals.  All the awards at the end of the evening are Trophy Awards.  Christopher received First Place in is first attempt at Preliminary Champion beating kids at least a year older then him.  In this level, the ages are grouped in two year intervals.  Of course we were trying to prepare him for the worse since he is now competing at a higher level, but of course, he proved us wrong as usual and took first place.  He will definitely have his challenge at Nationals because the All-Irelands winner for his age will be competing against him.



Reel Reel
Slip Jig
Treble Jig Treble Jig
Horn Pipe






Courtney Winning 4th Place for Traditional Set

Out of 35 Kids