Maize Maze 2005

This year we decided to go to Zellwood Florida, home of the Sweet Corn Festival in the Spring of each year, and try our luck at completing the Maize Maze.  The Maize Maze is a corn field that is planted so that there is a maze embedded in the field.  Along with finding your way through the maze, there is a sheet to fill out based on information on stations within the maze.  So you have to not only find your way out of the maze but collect information within the maze to be successful.  You will see in the pictures, different colored tape that lines the route of the maize.  There were 5 different sections in the maize that had to be visited to get the entire work sheet filled out.

We almost did it.  We missed one of the stations and decided that after 3 1/2 hours of walking around, not to go back and find it.  You will see in one of the pictures, Vicki drawing a picture that was supposed to be a rub at one of the stations.  The theme this year was the Salute to American Soldiers.


Walking though the Maze (Media Player) A Mister Maze (Media Player)