Vicki's 210 Gallon Aquarium

In February 2007, Vicki began to obsess about a bigger aquarium.  The 55 gallon aquarium was begining to be too small for some of the fish she has had for many years.  She searched high and low (EBAY and Craig's List) for something that would be more fitting for her fish.  Rob worried that a bigger tank would mean a hernia in the future along with a shrunken bank account (Vicki would have to fill a bigger tank).  Though Rob protested, Vicki ignored him as usual and continued the search.  Eventually she was able to find a used 210 Gallon tank in St. Cloud, Florida.  The crew of 5 drained, packed, scooped and lifted the tank and accessories into the vehicles and the caravan slowly traveled back to the tank's new home.  After a few hours of cleaning, the tank was moved to its permanent home in the corner of the living room.


The tank is frighteningly large (6'long, 24" wide, and 30"deep)  With the stand, it is over 6' tall.  It is 210 gallons of water inside the house.  The tank is loud.  Between the pumps, the fans for the lights and the sloshing, you will know it is there.  The tank is hot.  There are three metal halide bulbs that light the depth of the water.  A gallon of water evaporates every two days from the tank.  But this is Vicki's new pride and joy!!  Well, until she starts the search for the 500 gallon tank.



Here are some videos of the tank in action after about a month and a half of operation.  There are three files.  The first two need to be downloaded to run.  The last will stream to your computers.  The first one is big but the best quality.  You decide on your patient factor and your internet connection on the one you want to run.

Lower Quality

Smaller Size

Higher Quality

Larger Size